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The Artwork


When we were conceptualizing the artwork for American Provenance we knew we wanted to create something special--nothing run-of-the-mill for us. After numerous work-ups, we had the great idea to contact our favorite local tattoo artist, Andrew Holdorf of Six Roses Tattoo. Nothing made more sense to highlight the brand of American Provenance than American Traditional tattoos--bold lines, strong contrast, and American iconology. 

Each icon is a collaboration between Andrew and all at American Provenance. We love working together to develop the perfect artistic representation of every signature American Provenance scent. 

I’ve been practicing the fine art of tattooing since 2002. I also have an ongoing practice of fine art painting and illustration. My latest business, Six Roses Tattoo, started in November of 2011. After quickly developing a strong clientele, the shop has been thriving. With two beautiful children and the perfect woman, staying grounded is not a problem. Six Roses gains new clientele daily and strives to make each and every patron proud to wear their piece.
— Andrew Holdorf