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American Provenance is everything that the major retail industry is missing in hygiene products! I can honestly say the customer service and appreciation you get from AP is top notch! Thanks, and keep up the great work.
— Tyler B (Columbia, MO)
I got a trial deodorant and fell in love. It is hard to find natural products that work. American Provenance knocked it out of the park! The scents are amazing and my armpits have never felt so soft. I’m a customer for life.
— Anne W (Bremen, GA)
My husband’s favorite product is the deodorant. He is going through chemo right now and has very sensitive skin and your products work great for him!
— Cassandra D (Cross Plains, WI)
Amazing products. Amazing customer service. I can’t say enough! I tell all my friends and family about this company!
— Tanya J (Chicago, IL)
Finally found a natural deodorant that works!!!!!!
— Angela M (Milwaukee, WI)
Great all-natural products with very pleasant and unique scents. Well done!
— Chase C (Spicewood, TX)
I’ve gone through LOTS of natural deodorants. Hands down, this stuff is the BEST! Diamonds and Daggers all the way. Kudos!
— Ashley R (Madison, WI)
The best natural deodorant by far that I have found! One application lasts me all day!! Thank you so much!!
— Laura B (Kirkland, IL)
Loved the natural deodorant that actually works (I’ve tried many.) First time ordering, but won’t be my last!
— Gail B (Brooklyn, WI)
Incredible customer service and products! Your deodorants are unique and special! I am excited to try all of your products! Top notch company.
— Shelli H (Ventura, CA)
Absolutely love this product so nice to have something with such high quality that smells amazing without all the added junk that usually comes in hygiene products. Will recommend to everyone I know Thank you!
— Rachel B (Columbia, MO)
I got the deodorant, and I love it! It’s the best natural deodorant I’ve tried, and I really put it to the test too with how much I sweat and it kept me dry. Definitely buying this from now on!
— Cassidy G (Madison, WI)
I recently received your women’s deodorant “Pinups and Paramours” and it is the best natural deodorant I have ever used, by far! It not only smells great at first, goes on easily, but it stays fresh. It is truly amazing what you have formulated and should be sold everywhere.
— Michelle M (Eugene, OR)
The deodorant is incredibly long lasting, I applied it after my shower before I went to bed and could still smell the deodorant (and not body odor) 24 hours later. I’ve never seen such amazing results from an all-natural deodorant before. I can’t wait to try out the other scents and products!
— Kelsey A (Lostant, IL)
I just purchased your deodorant and am beyond thrilled with it. I am in the process of eliminating the harsh chemicals within my household and it is not an easy process. Trying to find products that are natural and effective seem to be two totally separate things. Especially when it comes to deodorant. I have tried them all but they do not live up to their claims. I find myself reapplying several times throughout the day or just being stuck with the stink and having to keep my arms by my side throughout the rest of the day. Not with American Provenance. I apply in the morning and can go an entire 24 hours without having to reapply. I am going to tell all my friends about it. Thank you for creating these products that are both natural and effective. I will be a customer for life. I am excited to purchase more of your products in the future.
— Sarah K (Lakeville, MN)
I am a sweaty, sweaty girl—when I’m nervous or anxious or excited, and I ALWAYS sweat at work. I work in an emergency department, so sweating is a given and I bring clinical strength deodorant in my bag to apply in the middle of shift.
Last night I used American Provenance deodorant and expected it to perform like others I’ve tried, and it was by far the most amazing deodorant I’ve ever used! I worked at a Level III Trauma Center last night for the first time. However, with Virtues & Vice, not only did I smell delicious throughout this stressful night, but my shirt remained dry as a bone all night long!!!! Ten grueling hours in a new ER with people I did not know, with doctors who didn’t know me and I had no sweat!
I am shocked. I was not anticipating this from a natural deodorant. I will be a customer for life.
— Erica N (Charlotte, NC)
I am in love with this company. I received a full sized sample of the Virtues and Vices deodorant in my Goodbeing box and was very leery about trying it. I decided to try it the next day at work and I am now hooked. I sniffed my armpits all day and I had no odor at all. I am so impressed I ordered a few more fragrances to try and they even shipped some additional product for me to try with my order. Great way to keep customers American Provenance I am very impressed with your product and service!!! Spreading the word in Ohio.
— Debi C (Ashville, OH)
To be honest, I thought the deodorant was the one thing in the gift set that would be the throwaway item. I’ve tried natural deodorants - and I might as well just splash some water on my pits and call it a day. They do nothing! I’ve tried the clinical stuff, and it works, but I also worry about all the chemicals it uses. The American Provenance deodorant keeps me drier than the strongest most chemical-laden deodorants I have ever tried. My wife has very sensitive skin and she is asking me to buy her some more of this stuff.
— Tyson M (Pittsboro, NC)
I purchased some of your deodorant and I have to say I am blown away by how much it actually works. I’ve tried every brand of natural deodorant and have had zero luck. I put this on yesterday and 24 hours later still am noticing that I don’t stink. I’m so happy that I finally found something that works. I will be sure to tell all of my friends about your awesome product.
— Nicole W (Lakeville, MN)
Just had to get in touch to let you know how much we are enjoying your products!!! I got deodorants for myself and my fiancé, and after years of finding so-so deodorants that fit our requirements in terms of ingredients, we were floored by how amazing your products are. They ALL worked, for both of us. We are THRILLED and just wanted to say hooray and thank you!
— Kate C (Los Angeles, CA)
I adore all of their products, especially the deodorant. It is the best all natural kind I have found (and I’ve tried a lot). Works even in humid southern weather, after a vigorous workout, and even through day 2 if I don’t have time to shower (although I wouldn’t try to do all 3 things at once!) You wont be disappointed!
— Jackie A (Willow Springs, NC)
Absolutely amazing products. This is the first deodorant I’ve that works all day. I opt for masculine scents, because I’m not a huge fan of florals, and they’re all terrific. I love the packaging, and shipping was quick.
— Andi D (Nashville, TN)
I have tried so many natural deodorants and homemade deodorants, which none worked and especially with my husband being an electrician and having to wear heavy shirts and sweating at work a lot, it was impossible to find him a good natural deodorant, but the ones we purchased from you totally work. It is seriously amazing, I tell him all the time how I can’t believe how well this deodorant works. And the smell is just amazing.
— Amy M (Wauwatosa, WI)
In my efforts to completely phase out any beauty products that are not cruelty free, it’s been a lengthy process of trial and error in terms of deodorants. I have bought far too many and was admittedly skeptical. I am now totally sold, as is my husband, and I just bought him one of his own, so I no longer have to share. It is gentle enough to not cause any skin irritation (his biggest point of contention with other deodorants- natural or otherwise) but definitely strong enough to combat odor and wetness (stood up to a long, hard day of work on a very unseasonably warm and humid pre-spring day). I just found your site and was really moved by your family’s influence. Great stories, they made me love your company all the more.
— Cheryl A (Cambridge, MA)
I can not say enough about all of AP’s products. The deodorant is the true winner of all their products, I found myself stinking at the end of the day with store bought deodorant. After a year of using AP’s deodorant I am a true believer and shout it, literally, to all of my friends. The scents are amazing, none of them overpowering, and I do not stink at the end of the day. Even after a hard days work and a Crossfit WOD I still can stick my nose as deep into that pit as I want and will smell nothing but the great scent of a successful product. The natural antiperspirant works just as well as the chemical crap you buy of the shelf, better actually, because I no longer worry about breaking out after a hard sweat.
— Kenneth K (Fenton, MO)
I am AMAZED at how well American Provenance’s deodorant works. I have a drawer full of natural deodorants that have disappointed me through the years. I was skeptical when I purchased it because it was springtime and not as hot. I live in Wisconsin and knew the true test would be the hot muggy summer months of Wisconsin. Well, I got to test it out sooner than I thought. I had a work trip in May to New Orleans 90+ degrees and what felt like 90+humidity as well. It was the true test.... And it WORKED after a day of work and using the deodorant I didn’t smell!! I am so excited I finally found a natural deodorant that works.
— Breanne I (Middleton, WI)