There are those who say to run a successful business you have to “scale.” You have to cut corners. You have to outsource.

At American Provenance we think that’s garbage. We believe running a successful business is about making choices. Choices about how your company acts and how you make your products.

We choose to opt out of crap you can’t pronounce. Heavy metals, artificial colors, artificial ingredients or hell, artificial anything. We decided right at the beginning a great product doesn’t come out of a chemistry set. We choose transparency. In our ingredients and how our company operates. We choose to provide good jobs at a fair wage.

We choose to make things ourselves. By hand.

What this means is American Provenance isn’t as much a business as a belief. A belief that when you make a better product, a pure product, it’s better for everyone. Better for your body. Better for the environment. Better for animals. And ultimately better for business.

Some call us stubborn. Unwavering. Uncompromising. We say thank you. That’s exactly who we are. 100% BS free. 100% genuine. 100% pure. It’s not the easiest way, it’s the right way. That’s our choice.

American Provenance.
Purely uncompromising.


American Provenance is a company born out of necessity. After years of buying products filled with countless chemicals, additives and artificial ingredients, we decided that we could do better. We’ve always been do-it-yourself kind of people and began making our own products in a series of experiments, determined to make the highest quality, all-natural items from the best ingredients available. The results are now the foundation of American Provenance. Simply put, we are in business to provide you with unique, high quality, minimal ingredient, natural products to make you look, smell and feel your very best.

We hold ourselves to a high standard. Our operations are transparent. We don’t rely on expensive packaging, misleading advertising, or fine print. Products are mixed, poured, capped and labeled by hand to ensure both quality and consistency. Additionally, all of our products are free of metals, petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial ingredients, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and preservatives and are always 100% cruelty free.


American Provenance was founded by former middle school science teacher, Kyle LaFond. The company originated from concern over the questionable ingredients found in popular name-brand cosmetic products used by his students. Inspired by the Do-It-Yourself movement, he created a personal care project in which he showed his students how to make their own body spray, deodorant, shave and hair products, and lip balm – all without using harsh chemicals. After several years of experiments and improvements, he decided to launch American Provenance from an updated machine shed on his fourth generation family farm.

"American Provenance is a high quality, all-natural personal care line that is an extension of my upbringing. Growing up, I was strongly influenced by the examples of a wonderful gentleman. My grandpa was a proud, traditional dairy farmer and was a shining example of the quintessential American role model. He loved working with his hands, being a responsible steward, and taking care of his family.

The time I spent with my grandpa in my formative years lead to my interest in nature, science, engineering, problem solving, small business management and independence. My grandpa always told me to make my own path and do things the right way. He instilled in me the importance of thinking things through and making decisions by taking all considerations into account. From this, American Provenance was born."

– Kyle LaFond, Owner