Natural Product Buyer Guide

At American Provenance, we only use all-natural ingredients. The earth has produced some of the most amazing plants that have evolved alongside humans, so it's only fitting that their oils and butters can help protect, soften, sooth and restore our skin. A millennia of folk remedies and traditional applications, mixed with modern technology and knowledge can produce the world's best personal care products.

*This list may change as we develop new products. 

Argan Oil

  • Good for removal of the appearance of age spots
  • Reduces premature aging
  • Protects against sun damage
  • Helps prevent stretch marks
  • Helps tone skin
  • Soothes razor bumps and burn

Arrowroot Powder

  • Absorbs excess wetness and oils
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth

Baking Soda

  • Lowers skin acidity
  • Deodorizes


  • Seals in moisture and protects skin without clogging pores
  • Conditions, calms and soothes skin and lips

Coconut Oil

  • Helps smooth and retain moisture in the skin
  • High in lauric acid which acts as an antimicrobial and disinfectant
  • High in Vitamin E which promotes healthy skin growth and repair of damaged skin
  • Prized for its anti-aging properties
  • Rich in proteins which help keep skin healthy and rejuvenated
  • Proteins contribute to cellular repair and maintenance

Essential Oils

  • Therapeutic-grade, pure and simple botanical scents without any harsh or synthetic chemicals
Hazelnut Oil
  • Skin astringent
  • Helps manage sebum secretion
  • Pore reducing
  • Good for acne-prone skin
  • Softens and calms skin
  • Good for hypersensitive skin

Jojoba Oil

  • Quick absorbing moisturizer that mimics the body’s natural sebum
  • High in Vitamin E and protects skin

Shea Butter

  • Improves elasticity of skin
  • Smoothes and protects

Sweet Almond Oil

  • Rich in fatty acids that are great for the skin

Vitamin E

  • Promotes healthy skin growth and repair of damaged skin
  • Protects against skin cracking