Natural Deodorant User Guide

Arms up! 

How different can American Provenance deodorant be from the rest? Our deodorant isn't chock-full of fillers, water, propylene glycol, or anything else that doesn't need to be there. 

Because we don't add any unnecessary ingredients, our deodorant formulas are more concentrated than most: keeping you smelling great and your skin soft. 

This means:

  • A swipe or two is all you'll need! No more swiping back-and-forth over and over. Simply turn the dial to raise the product and gently swipe once or twice over your freshly cleaned and dried underarms. That's it! 
  • If the deodorant is cold, it might be a bit rough to glide over your skin. Place raised deodorant to underarm and let it warm for a few seconds before swiping. 
  • Shaving prior to putting on deodorant may cause irritation; allow sufficient time before applying.