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Our Products

⧩ Are your products deodorants or antiperspirants?
All of our products are deodorants intended to improve the way you smell throughout the course of your day. Antiperspirants often employ metals (i.e. aluminum) to block the pores in your armpits to prevent sweating. Sweating is actually a very good thing. Sweating is one of the ways that we all thermoregulate. When we sweat our body releases water which helps us to cool down as it evaporates. When we sweat, we not only release water but our bodies also expel toxins, minerals and other substances.
⧩ Are your products for men, women or unisex?
All of our products are made for whoever likes them! We have four that are more woodsy and four that are more floral with some single scents thrown in for fun. We think you should wear what you like so don't associate gender with scent. Check out the following link for all scents available -- americanprovenance.com/collections/deodorant
⧩ Are your products organic?
Our products are all natural, but not organic. We try to use as many organic ingredients as possible, but some organic ingredients are just price prohibitive. All of our ingredients are minimally processed (straining, melting, distillation, etc.) and independently verified. We NEVER use any harsh chemicals, synthetics, artificial ingredients, or lab-manufactured fragrances.
⧩ What do your signature blends smell like?
All of our signature blends are combinations of three essential oils.
Fastballs – Lemongrass, Bergamot, Marjoram
Firepits – Wintergreen, Fir, Cedar
Horseshoes – Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Clove
Shotguns – Peppermint, Cypress, Eucalyptus
Daggers – Rose, Bergamot, Jasmine
Pinups – Coriander, Mandarin, Tangerine
Rosaries – Geranium, Bergamot, Lavender
Virtues – Grapefruit, Bergamot, Jasmine
⧩ What color are your deodorants?
Our deodorants are a white solid and spread on easily. They leave minimal residue and are quickly absorbed by your skin. If you have difficulty applying our deodorants, simply hold them under your armpit for a few seconds and allow them to warm to your body temperature before spreading.
⧩ Do your deodorants work?
Yes. But don’t take our word for it. Check out some of our testimonials here.
⧩ How long does a stick of your deodorant last?
A stick of our deodorant typically last 2 times longer than traditional deodorants. This is because we don’t use water or other fillers. Water is a filler and contributes to ease of application. However, water can harbor all kinds of bacteria. This is why all conventional products need to use preservatives in their deodorants to offset this bacterial growth. Because we don’t use water, we don’t need to use any preservatives. Water quickly evaporates and encourages repeated purchases of traditional deodorants. We don’t need fillers. We believe in quality and value and our deodorants are actually much more cost effective by a price-per-swipe comparison.
⧩ Do you use preservatives in your products?
No, we use no preservatives, natural or artificial, in any of our products. Preservatives are needed when water is used in a product. Water is a filler and contributes to ease of application. However, water facilitates bacterial growth. This is why conventional products need to use preservatives in their products. No water, no preservatives.
⧩ How much of your products should I use?
We believe in the old adage that “a dab will do” and encourage our customers to use as little as they deem necessary. A swipe or two of our deodorant will be all that you need to stay fresh all day long.
⧩ How should your products be kept and stored?
All American Provenance products should be kept in a cool, dry place. We never use any chemical binders or preservatives which may lead to some melting in warmer environments. If your products begin to melt or are too soft for your preferences, simply place them in the refrigerator (it also feels really nice to apply cold deodorant on hot summer days).
⧩ What should I do if I develop a rash?
Unfortunately, rashes and irritation happen from time to time. Everyone has their own unique body chemistry and sometimes this can lead to redness and irritation. If you develop a rash discontinue using our deodorants immediately. Please never hesitate reaching out to us at hello@americanprovenance.com with any questions. 
⧩ Do you make a sensitive skin deodorant?
Yes. We make an unscented sensitive skin deodorant. This formulation does not contain baking soda (the most common skin irritant in any natural deodorant) or any essential oils. Find it HERE.
⧩ Will your deodorants cause staining to my shirt(s)?
On limited occasions, our deodorants may cause some staining. This is simply due to over-application. If you do experience significant staining, there are several ways to clean your shirts. First, we suggest simply using baking soda. If this doesn’t work, we’ve been very successful in removing stains with OxiClean. Finally, if these efforts are not successful please contact our customer service here to find out how we can help.
⧩ What other products do you make?
We make an array of personal care and lifestyle goods. Aside from our deodorants, we make body wash, beard balm, beard oil, aftershave, hair pomade, lip balm, and have skincare as well!
⧩ Do you test on animals?
Absolutely not. No cruelty. Ever. We don’t test our products or ingredients on animals nor pay any person or firm to do the testing for us. Our ingredients have been used for hundreds of years to moisturize and protect.
⧩ Do you offer samples?
We do not offer samples.
⧩ Where can I find your products?
American Provenance products can be found at grocers, cooperatives, independent markets, pharmacies, clinics, and specialty shops in all 50 states! You can also place orders directly online! See our list of retailers by clicking HERE.

Our Ingredients
⧩ What do you use to create your scents?
We only use essential oils in all American Provenance products. Essential oils are derived directly from the plant from which they are harvested. No additives, no preservatives, no chemical treatments. We never use lab-formulated fragrances. According to US government guidelines, “fragrances” are referred to as proprietary information with the contents of “fragrances” protected as trade secrets. This means that fragrances can basically contain anything. Gross. In the United States we have not had any significant cosmetic or personal hygiene legislation in nearly 100 years. We’ve gone through the chemical and industrial revolution and antiquated laws still govern what can be included in these products. We hold ourselves to a high standard and will only use naturally occurring and minimally processed ingredients that are safe and effective.
⧩ What do you use for your base ingredients?
Our base ingredients are coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, aluminum-free baking soda, and arrowroot powder. The formulation for all of our standard deodorants is exactly the same, with the only difference being in the essential oils that we use. All of our other products are coconut oil and beeswax based. We also use other plant butters, oils, waxes and dry ingredients to provide our customers the best products we can make at an affordable price.

Our Company
⧩ Where do you make your products?
Almost all of our products are made in our own facility in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. We started on our founder’s family farm but have now grow to a point where we have added a second facility just 10 minutes down that road. All of our deodorants are hand mixed, hand poured, labeled and hand packed in our own facility.
⧩ Who makes your products?
We have a small team that makes all of our products. Interested in joining us? Apply here.
⧩ What are you doing to minimize your environmental impact?
We now offer our single scents in biodegradable cardboard packages. We offer a recycling program where we take back empty tubes (even from our competitors) and recycle them through TerraCycle. We are also in partnership with CleanHub which is helping us become plastic neutral. 
⧩ Do you offer refunds?
Absolutely. We always strive to satisfy our customers, even if that means returning their money for any reason whatsoever. To begin the return process, email hello@americanprovenance.com. Please include your full name, email and order number (if you have one).
⧩ Who owns American Provenance?
American Provenance is largely owned by our founder, Kyle LaFond. Our expansion in the Summer of 2018 included bringing on several regional investors. Their contributions have allowed us to continue growing and making more products for you to enjoy.
⧩ What’s next for American Provenance?
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Shipping, discounts, etc.
⧩ How much is shipping?
We are happy to offer competitive shipping rates. Orders under $25 will have to pay shipping, but orders $25 and above receive free shipping. 
⧩ Do you offer military discounts?
We do offer a 20% discount to all active and veteran military members. Use offer code MILITARY20.