Deodorant Recycling Program

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Can you recycle deodorant tubes?

As part of our commitment to lessening our impact on this planet, we have set up a recycling program, working with TerraCycle, to help recycle and repurpose our natural deodorant tubes.

For every tube of our all natural, aluminum-free deodorant you send in, we will give you a $2 credit toward your next American Provenance purchase. Essentially that is a free natural deodorant for every 5 empties you send back.

*Credits will be delivered via email and can be used on future purchases on our website only.*

How to recycle deodorant containers

Collect your empty recyclable deodorant tubes. (You can earn credit by sending in other brand’s tubes as well.)

Print off and fill out THIS FORM.

Stick them in an envelope or box and ship them to us at:
American Provenance
2585 State Road 92, Suite 2
Mount Horeb, WI 53572


Can I send back more than one deodorant tube at a time?
You bet! In fact, we recommend you send more than one recyclable deodorant tube at a time so it helps cut back on pollution through mail carriers.

Why do you offer the plastic tubes? Why don’t you just offer your biodegradable deodorant containers?
As much as we would love to only offer our bio-tubes for our all natural, aluminum free deodorant, it is not a current reality for our company. Cost wise biodegradable deodorant containers are significantly more expensive to buy than the plastic tubes are, and we work hard to keep our prices affordable for our customers. Transitioning to all biodegradable deodorant containers is, however, a goal we are working toward.

Who covers shipping costs?
At this time, shipping costs to send back empty recyclable deodorant tubes need to be covered by the customer. However, as the deodorant recycling program grows, our aim is to cover those costs.

What is TerraCycle?
TerraCycle is a company that works to reduce waste. They recycle over 97% of the waste they collect. To learn more about them and how their circular methods for reducing waste, you can check them out here:

Can my credit be used for something other than deodorant?
Absolutely! If you are interested in trying our other products, from aluminum free deodorant to natural pomade to beard balm or oil, you can certainly use the credit toward any American Provenance product.