What is Natural Deodorant?

by American Provenance

Natural deodorants are not chemical-free deodorants. It’s easy to think that chemicals are bad, but in reality everything you touch is made out of chemicals. Natural deodorants are however, made with naturally derived ingredients and 100% natural deodorants stay away from harsh chemicals. Many people prefer using products with ingredients you can actually pronounce or recognize, which is why there is such a draw to natural products. Instead of using aluminum compounds to block your pores like antiperspirants do, natural deodorants use coconut oil, cornstarch, arrowroot powder, natural waxes and other recognizable ingredients to help you smell fresh and for a bit of moisture control.

Not all natural deodorants are created equally, and the marketing surrounding natural products can be misleading. You might think you are buying something that is natural, but when you flip to the ingredient list, it is still filled with countless unrecognizable and synthetic ingredients. Greenwashing is very common in the natural food and product space, so as consumers it’s important to do your own research to make sure you are actually getting the natural product you think you are buying.

Natural deodorants do not contain synthetic fragrances.

To most folks, this is a no-brainer. How can you claim that a product is natural when it contains fragrances created in a lab? According to government guidelines, the components of a “fragrance” are proprietary information meaning that manufacturers do NOT need to disclose the ingredients used to make an artificial fragrance. This means that manufacturers can actually use all kinds of unknown ingredients to make a scented product. We prefer transparency and full disclosure.

Natural deodorants do not contain water or other fillers

Ever notice that most deodorants list water as the first, second, or third ingredient on the back panel? Water is commonly used as a filler and for ease of application. However, water is a fantastic harborer of all kinds of bacteria. When a manufacturer uses water in a formulation, they then need to include some kind of preservative to offset that bacterial growth. This is usually when you discover some kind of complex and/or unknown substance towards the end of the ingredient panel. We prefer products that don’t use water, fillers, or additives.