The Gifts That Every Guy Secretly Wants

by American Provenance

Every year we somehow arrive at the holiday season and find ourselves with too much to do and not enough time for everything. We all know that sinking feeling of falling short of expectations and the disappointment of missing an opportunity to show our friends and loved ones how we feel. We’re here to help.

There are some must-haves that every guy wants to get as a gift or stocking stuffer. Sometimes guys don’t want to splurge on themselves or try something new. We know those guys. We actually used to be those guys. Take our advice, these are our recommendations to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Natural Deodorant

Believe it or not, but there are still some guys out there who have not yet tried natural deodorant. They may have seen it somewhere, but don’t know much about how it works and what makes it different and preferable. The holidays are a great time to introduce the men in your life to safe, effective, and affordable alternatives to traditional products. You can pick up a stick of American Provenance deodorant for $10, or order a custom 3-pack to put under the tree. We pride ourselves on creating deodorants that work just as hard as you do. Our products are good for anyone working in the backwoods to the boardroom.

American Provenance Natural Deodorant, laying on nature, Fastballs & Fisiticuffs, Shotguns & Shenanigans, Firepits & Flannels


Beard Balm

Everyone has a few bearded buddies. A lot of guys never even think about beard products because they’ve never had the opportunity to try anything. The Holidays are a great time to treat a loved one to something unique and different. If the guy in your life complains about an itchy or scratchy beard, a beard balm may be the perfect solution. A lot of guys don’t know that you need to moisturize and condition not only your facial hair, but also the skin underneath. American Provenance beard balm is a great remedy to keep a man’s face and beard soft, smooth, and smelling great.

Man holding American Provenance Natural Beard Balm in Firepits & Flannels Scent in front of mountain


Beard Oil

Just like a good beard balm, beard oils tend to be overlooked by a lot of men. If your Dad or friends never introduced you to a good beard oil, chances are you may have never tried one. Again, the end of the year is a great time to try something new. Beard oils are great gifts for coworkers, neighbors, teachers, and friends. A good beard oil will coat and lubricate your beard giving it a healthy shine and pleasant scent. American Provenance beard oils are unique in that they include Hazelnut Oil and Milk Thistle. Both of these oils are great for softening otherwise rough beards and helping the guy in your life look better than Kris Kringle.

American Provenance Natural Beard Oil in Fastballs & Fisticuffs scent, sitting on ice


Body Wash

There’s never a better time than the Holidays to tell the guys you love that they stink. A great natural body wash will never smell like the products that most of us used in middle school. American Provenance body washes only use essential oils and have more pleasant and mature scents than anything called “Ocean Mist” or “Pure Power” or anything else along those lines. Our body washes foam easily and can clean even the dirtiest guys around.

Man holding American Provenance Natural Body Wash in Patchouli Scent over grass


Skincare Products

Guys use skincare products? Yup, yup they do. Believe it or not, men’s skincare is one of the fastest growing market segments in personal care. Today’s man is increasingly concerned with how his skin may change over time. A lot of men now use multiple products per day to try to hang onto their youth and delay the work of Father Time. At American Provenance, we have an entire line of skincare products designed to work throughout the day to keep your guy’s skin conditioned and healthy. Try one of our AP Botanics products to let your guy know that it’s ok to age gracefully.

AP Botanics Skincare products sticking out of a canvas dopp kit with holiday decor in the background



Men's Gift Set

And if you can't decide what product would be best, try them all with one of our gift sets! Choose from our top 4 scents and get a full size Natural Deodorant, travel size Natural Body Wash and your choice of a travel size Natural Aftershave or a full size Natural Beard Oil. Can't go wrong with this!

Man holding American Provenance Men's Personal Care Set in Fastballs & Fisticuffs Scent

We hope that these gift ideas have given you a little inspiration. Check our website frequently for news, product updates, and lifestyle suggestions.