Founder of Natural Deodorant Company Names His Top 10 Choices for Natural Deodorant

by American Provenance

Call me crazy for highlighting our competitors, but as the founder of American Provenance and the creator of the formula for our natural deodorant, I have spent many hours in labs, at manufacturing facilities, in grocery stores, and at conferences looking at and comparing different natural deodorants that are on the market. I have purchased and tested many of our competitors’ natural deodorants to see what aspects I liked and what I felt needed changing in order to develop the formula we ended up with bringing to market. With the amount of time I have spent in the research and development of our own natural deodorant, you could say I am more than a  little preoccupied with natural deodorant quality and consistency.

Prior to launching American Provenance, I was a middle school science teacher. While I am no longer in the classroom molding young minds, I still consider myself an educator and have learned enough about natural deodorants to know which ones are worth trying. I stand behind our product 100%, but I realize that differences in unique body chemistry makes it so our product won’t work for everyone. The marketing of natural products, and in this case natural deodorants, can be extremely misleading, so I have decided to put a list together my own list of my top 10 choices for natural deodorants. You see these lists pop up in magazines all of the time, but usually the ones writing the lists are compensated for placing that product in that list. I have not been paid by any of the brands I am sharing, I am just spreading the word about other brands that have exceptional products.

Founder of natural deodorant company names his top 10 choices for natural deodorant

My top 10 list is composed of the natural deodorants on the market that truly are natural. A truly natural deodorant is one that doesn’t contain any harsh or synthetic chemicals such as artificial fragrances. You may be surprised to learn that the term “fragrance” is regarded by the FDA as proprietary. This means that manufacturers do not need to disclose the substances used to create a fragrance in order to protect trade secrets. Consequently, all kinds of potentially harmful chemicals can be included in a fragrance to get a specific scent. Brands that stick strictly with essential oils aren’t scared to list those out on their ingredient list.

Finding the right natural deodorant for yourself is a process. None of the products listed below will work for everyone. Some people are sensitive to baking soda, others are sensitive to one or more essential oils. It’s important to be open-minded and willing to try a few brands before making any long-term commitments.

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American Provenance ($10)

American Provenance natural deodorants are hand-poured at their own facility in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. All of the deodorant varieties contain only 7 easily recognizable ingredients and work as hard as you do.

Schmidt’s ($10)

Schmidt’s was the first natural deodorant brand to scale from the kitchen to a Worldwide phenomenon. Their products set the standard for natural deodorant and popularized the market segment. The company was acquired by Unilever in late 2017.

Honestly pHresh ($10)

Honestly pHresh has taken a novel approach to natural deodorants. Their products use pre/probiotics to encourage the growth of healthy bacteria while limiting the growth of odor causing bacteria. Their products are made at their own facility in California.

Play Pits ($11)

Play Pits is a company founded by a mother looking for a solution to help her son with his body odor. Kids can sweat and stink just as much as adults. Their natural deodorants have gained a substantial following with younger crowds.

Humble ($10)

Humble Brands makes some great natural deodorants out of their own facility in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. Their products are clean, simple, and straightforward. They have nearly 20 different varieties to choose from.

Pretty Frank ($12)

Pretty Frank is the evolution of Primal Pit Paste. The company underwent a substantial rebranding in 2019 and has re-emerged as a leader in the natural deodorant category. The company now offers solids and sprays.

Soapwalla ($18)

Soapwalla provides a natural deodorant cream in a 4oz tub. These products are intended to be hand-applied to almost any area of the body. All of their products are hand-made in their Brooklyn studio.

Meow Meow Tweet ($14)

Meow Meow Tweet was one of the first natural deodorant companies to embrace green packaging. Their coated cardboard tubes were an early sensation highlighting their unique branding and marketing strategy.

Smarty Pits ($10)

Smarty Pits is another California based brand making all of their products in-house. Their natural deodorants are primarily intended for women and a portion of all sales goes towards breast cancer research and support.

Aesop ($35)

Aesop is a well-established prestige brand with a nice variety of natural products. Their natural deodorants come in several formats for different personal preferences. The company maintains their own independent stores for shoppers to enjoy.

We hope you find your favorite natural deodorant with American Provenance, but understand we aren’t for everyone. We wish you best of luck on your journey to finding the perfect natural deodorant for you! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at

Kyle LaFond

Founder of American Provenance, Kyle LaFond