Beard Oil Review: Products Worth Talking About

by American Provenance

Beard Oils are popping up everywhere these days and you never can be sure of what the product will be like until you get it and try it out for yourself. The consistency, smell and overall feeling it leaves on your beard can be huge determinants when it comes to which beard oil you ultimately end up purchasing. However, product reviews can be super helpful when it comes to choosing the right beard oil for you.

American Provenance Beard Oil was recently featured on Products Worth Talking About Podcast and YouTube Channel. While we don’t want to spoil the fun for you, our Natural Beard Oil was a top contender for the hosts, Tyler Altenhofen and RT Custer. Both Tyler and RT are entrepreneurs having founded a handful of companies and they love to try out products from other brands and then rate them in several different categories.

If you want to check out how American Provenance stands up against the competition, we urge you to give their podcast a listen or head on over to their YouTube channel!

In the meantime, we will leave you with the scorecard breakdown of all the beard oils they tested out!

Products Worth Talking About: Scorecard for Beard Oil Companies: