Top 3 Questions When Switching to Natural Deodorant

by American Provenance

Many people have questions when switching from an antiperspirant or conventional deodorant to a natural deodorant. These are the top 3 questions we get from people before choosing to switch to American Provenance natural deodorant.

Will American Provenance natural deodorant cause irritation?

The active ingredient in most natural deodorants is baking soda. Just like when you put a box in your refrigerator, it is used in many formulas as a deodorizer. Unfortunately, some people have a real sensitivity to this ingredient and over-exposure can cause redness and irritation. We don’t use any unnecessary ingredients or filler ingredients, so a couple swipes per arm a day will keep you feeling and smelling fresh. If you do experience redness or pain, discontinue use immediately and try another variety or brand that doesn’t contain baking soda.

If irritation occurs from using American Provenance natural deodorant, please send us an email at and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Will American Provenance natural deodorant stain my shirts?

Over-application may lead to staining of your clothes. Whenever we receive a note from a customer indicating staining on their clothing, we usually find out that it is caused by over application. Our deodorants leave minimal residue and are quickly absorbed by the skin, but if you do experience staining, we’ve found that using either baking soda or Oxyclean are very effective at removing these stains. Simply throw a ¼ cup of either into your washing machine and start a load of laundry. For tough stains, a bit of dish detergent directly to the stain and then hand washed is very useful. Remember, a swipe or two is all you need for all day protection, this includes the summer months as well. A swipe or two will do!

Is American Provenance natural deodorant a gel?

American Provenance natural deodorant is not a gel deodorant, it is a white solid that spreads on easily. Unlike most conventional deodorants, American Provenance natural deodorants are made with natural plant oils, butters and waxes. We use baking soda for odor control and arrowroot powder for wetness control. An effective natural deodorant doesn’t need to be over complicated. Since our products are 100% natural, differences in temperature may soften or harden the stick. This is a great thing to remember when we head into the warmer summer months.

Do you have any questions about switching to American Provenance natural deodorant? Contact our natural care product company. We’d love to help!