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  • Founder of Natural Deodorant Company Names His Top 10 Choices for Natural Deodorant

    Kyle LaFond, founder of natural deodorant company, American Provenance, names his top 10 choices for the best natural deodorants.
  • Beginner's Guide to Natural Deodorant

    All the questions you might have about natural deodorants are answered in this guide to natural deodorants! From 'What is natural deodorant?' to making your own natural deodorant, we cover it all!
  • Natural Deodorant and Irritation

    Every now and then we hear from customers who experience irritation after switching to natural deodorant. While most people don’t have an issue with natural deodorants, some do experience irritation or a rash when making the switch.
  • American Provenance Father's Day Gift Guide

    Are you finding yourself searching for “Father’s Day gifts for the guy that has everything” or “Unique gifts for Father’s Day?” We’ve definitely be...
  • The Best Beard Care Products for Beards of All Lengths

  • Top 3 Questions When Switching to Natural Deodorant

    Many people have questions when switching from an antiperspirant or conventional deodorant to a natural deodorant. These are the top 3 questions we...
  • Deodorant vs Antiperspirant. What are the differences?

    Is your deodorant an antiperspirant? This is a question we get asked a couple of times a week, and while it may seem obvious, we think it’s worth d...
  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Shopping for Mom can sometimes be a daunting task, because what gift can even come close to everything your mom has done for you? We’ve got you cov...
  • AP Staff Picks: Our Favorite Products

    With so many products to choose from, we thought it would be fun to share our team’s favorite AP products.    Kyle- Founder Shotguns & Shena...
  • Not all Natural is Created Equal

    Many products have the claim of natural but what does that actually mean, and where on the spectrum do the products you currently use fall? America...
  • American Provenance & AP Botanics 2019 *Gift Guide*

    Let us do the shopping for you with our 2019 Gift Guide! Give the gift of natural products from American Provenance and AP Botanics this holiday season!
  • Beard Balm vs Beard Oil

    If you find yourself wondering what the differences are between our Beard Balm and Beard Oil, then search no further!