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  • 4 Year Anniversary Sale!

    AP 4 Year Anniversary Sale

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  • 4 Years of Natural Products!

    American Provenance is excited to be celebrating 4 years of handcrafting natural products! There have been many changes since the beginning, but our promise to provide high quality, minimal ingredient products has stayed the same!
  • Ground Breaking News

    American Provenance is growing! Due to your support we have outgrown our current facility and a new one is going up! This will allow us to produce more natural deodorants and other natural personal care products!
  • Natural Deodorant and Irritation

    Every now and then we hear from customers who experience irritation after switching to natural deodorant. While most people don’t have an issue with natural deodorants, some do experience irritation or a rash when making the switch.
  • What to expect when transitioning away from conventional products.

      Making the switch to a natural deodorant can present some unexpected challenges. We’ve tried to identify a couple of these concerns to prepare yo...
  • 6 things to think about when switching to a natural deodorant.

    Every time you turn around, natural deodorants for men and women are popping up on the market. With as many brands to choose from and even more op...