Why is natural deodorant so popular?

by American Provenance
Over the last decade natural deodorant has become increasingly popular. With the movement away from processed foods to natural and organic alternatives, the personal care industry followed closely behind. We were finding out that some of the ingredients used in our favorite products weren’t great for us or had some potentially alarming side effects. Whether or not there are negative health outcomes associated with unrecognizable ingredients, more people are erring on the side of caution and eliminating products with those ingredients.

Natural products continually pop up on the market, but you need to be a conscious consumer and be wary due to lack of FDA regulations. Natural deodorant and other natural products are very popular which has led many companies to jump on the natural product bandwagon. The term “natural” isn’t regulated by any agency so it can be used freely even if only one ingredient is derived from nature.

The United States is far more lax on their regulations of personal care products, and while other countries have 1000+ ingredients banned from their products, we in the US are still allowed to use them. In the US we believe that an ingredient is safe until proven otherwise, so it could be years before finding out that an ingredient we have been using everyday is actually giving us negative health outcomes. The transition to natural deodorant and other natural products is a great sign that consumers are starting to make more informed decisions about what they are consuming on a regular basis.

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