New Year, New Habits: Switching to Natural Products

by American Provenance

As we wrap up another calendar year, now is the time that we start thinking about all that we want to accomplish and change in the new year. Whether it’s health goals or professional goals, the new year means a clean slate for us to make some changes in our lives. 

One of the easiest switches you can make in the new year is the switch to natural products. Many of us are in the habit of checking out the ingredients in the foods that we eat, but we should also be checking the ingredients on the products we are using, especially the ones we use every day! Skin is the body's largest organ and knowing what we put on our bodies is just as important as knowing what we put in it. 

It’s important that the average consumer knows what a truly natural product is and what makes them different from conventional products or others claiming to be natural products.

Natural products do not contain synthetic fragrances.

To most folks, this is a no-brainer. How can you claim that a product is natural when it contains fragrances created in a lab? According to government guidelines, the components of a “fragrance” are proprietary information meaning that manufacturers do NOT need to disclose the ingredients used to make an artificial fragrance. This means that manufacturers can actually use all kinds of unknown ingredients to make a scented product. We prefer transparency and full disclosure.

Natural products do not contain water or other fillers.

Ever notice that most personal care products list water as the first, second, or third ingredient on the back panel? Water is commonly used as a filler and for ease of application. However, water is a fantastic harborer of all kinds of bacteria. When a manufacturer uses water in a formulation, they then need to include some kind of preservative to offset that bacterial growth. This is usually when you discover some kind of complex and/or unknown substance towards the end of the ingredient panel. We prefer products that don’t use water, fillers, or additives, therefore we don’t have to use preservatives.

Marketing of natural products can be very misleading

As you are walking through the aisles of the store you may notice a lot of them now have “natural product” sections. That is a good place to start when looking for cleaner alternatives to conventional products, however, make sure you check out the ingredient list. A quick google search could tell you what an ingredient is if you don’t recognize something. There are no regulations on what makes a product natural so marketing teams have taken advantage of this to push not-so-natural products and marketing them in a natural way.

Hope this helps you with making the switch to more natural products! We recommend making the switch slowly, product by product, rather than all at once. Not all products are for everyone, so trial and error may be the best route to take. Here at American Provenance we realize that some products just don’t work well with everyone’s body chemistry, which is why we offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase. 

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!