What to expect when transitioning away from conventional products.

by David Gobeli


Making the switch to a natural deodorant can present some unexpected challenges. We’ve tried to identify a couple of these concerns to prepare you for your own journey.

  1. The active ingredient in most natural deodorants is baking soda. Some people have a real sensitivity to this ingredient and over-exposure can cause redness, irritation, chaffing, blistering, and peeling. We always encourage people to start off slowly and rely on just a few swipes to start. We don't stuff our deodorant full of water or fillers so you won't need as much applied. Most conventional deodorants use creative advertising campaigns to encourage consumers to use excessive amounts of their deodorants every day. Pretty simple logic; use ads encouraging over-consumption, sell more sticks, more frequently. Natural deodorants are different in that a little can go a long way. If you do experience redness or pain, discontinue use immediately and try another variety or brand that doesn’t contain baking soda.
  2. Over-application may lead to staining of your clothes.Whenever we receive a note from a customer indicating staining on their clothing, we know that it’s from simply using too much product. If you do experience staining, we’ve found that using either baking soda or Oxyclean are very effective at removing these stains. For tough stains, a bit of Dawn dish detergent directly to the stain and then hand washed is very useful. Remember, a swipe or two is all you need for all day protection. 
  3. The texture may be a little different than conventional gel deodorants. Unlike most conventional deodorants, natural deodorants are by large made with natural plant oils, butters and waxes. Toss in some baking soda for odor control and arrowroot powder for wetness control, and you have a pretty good product. As it's natural, differences in temperature may soften or harden the stick. 

We have a handy graphic below to help you in your daily application of our all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant. 

How to use American Provenance all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant