What Beard Style is Best for You? Explore 12 Popular Beard Styles

by American Provenance

There’s something special about this time of year that gets most men thinking about beards. With leaves starting to fall and temperatures plummeting, the stubble starts to get a little longer.

More than ever before, men have decided to grow out their facial hair and both beards and mustaches have been trending since the onset of the Worldwide pandemic.

There are countless kinds of beards and some aren’t for everyone. I’ve personally tried all kinds of beard styles with mixed results. There are a few that work for me and some others that just don’t cut it (get it?)...

This guide is intended to help you identify what beard or beard styles may be best suited for you. This isn’t meant to be any kind of exhaustive or definitive list, but rather a starting point for those new to the lifestyle.

Before we begin, I need to point out that there are actually a good number of beard clubs and competitions nationwide. At American Provenance, we’ve been fortunate to sponsor a handful of groups and contests. We’re very proud of our affiliations and support and will continue to provide top quality beard care products for men everywhere.

So, which beard is best for you? 



Stubble Beard Graphic

Obviously, the shortest of the beard options. This has been referred to as the 5 o’clock shadow or weekend beard for years. This is the beard for the guy on the edge. Not quite ready to commit to growing a full beard, yet wanting a little something to make a baby face look a little more rugged and mature.

Full Beard


Full Beard Graphic

This is the style most often referred to as a standard beard. This is the true starting point for the bearded lifestyle. If you can grow a full beard, you have the admiration of men, women, and dogs alike. You don’t have to be from the farm, the mountains, or the backwoods to grow and appreciate this style of beard. This is the everyman’s beard and respected as such.

French Fork

French Fork beard Graphic 

Ooh la la… You fancy. This is a departure from the norm and a great way to express individuality or a unique character. Guys sporting French Forks have the ability to shape and style their beards with the proper maintenance and grooming tools. 

Duck Tail

Duck Tail Beard Graphic

This is a favorite at American Provenance. The Duck Tail style is sleek and sophisticated lending itself to personalities and professionals alike. A dab of product goes a long way to create a little shape and hold for guys looking to be taken seriously.

Circle Beard

Circle Beard Graphic

Once reserved for magicians, musicians, and gym coaches, this style is now widely accepted as mainstream. You're likely to see at least a few guys with this style of facial hair at your local watering hole. This has also become a favorite of professional athletes ranging from baseball to basketball. This style was also popularized by some of our favorite professional wrestlers. 


Anchor Beard Graphic

You can’t open up any kind of men’s fashion or style magazine and not see a guy or two sporting an Anchor. This seems to be the beard of choice for the male modeling industry. Part mustache, part beard, but all badass the Anchor means business and demands respect.


Goatee Beard Graphic

The Goatee used to be reserved for artists and hipsters. However, times have changed. Instead of seeing these at the theatre or open mic night, you can now find them everywhere.

Extended Goatee

Extended Goatee Beard Graphic

Everyone had at least one professor or TA that wore an extended goatee. I don’t care where you went to school or what your major was, the Extended Goatee was part of your college experience.

Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain Beard Graphic

Both a classic and modern favorite, the Chin Curtain has its own place in our cultural lexicon. This style of beard has been worn by men across religions, races, ethnicities, and preferences.  


Verdi Beard Graphic

Whenever I see this style of beard, I can’t help but think about its European origins. Any fan of Monty Python, The Princess Bride, or just about any Mel Brooks movie knows the story. These beards are great for the guy that is either very confident or just wants to make a statement.


Garibaldi beard Graphic

Aside from being a great beard, this is also a great sandwich (look it up). These beards are full and well maintained. Guys that can pull this look off don’t need to be lumberjacks or dock workers. There’s a place for this style of beard just about everywhere. 


Bandholz Beard Graphic

Robust and wild, these beards aren’t only for guys who own Harley’s or Hawaiian shirts. Beards have become mainstream and this signature style is the epitome of what it means to be full-figured. This is a great look for the guy that is “all in” on his facial hair.

We hope that this guide has been helpful and provided some insight. There are all kinds of beards and we hope that you find one or two that are right for you. 

What beard is best:for you? List of 12 graphics of different beard types: Stubble, Full Beard, French Fork, Duck Tail, Circle Beard, Anchor, Goatee, Extended Goatee, Chin Curtain, Verdi, Garibaldi, Bandholz

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