How to Care for Your Beard This Summer

by American Provenance

Warm days are finally starting to show their faces here in Wisconsin, and with warmer weather usually comes the seasonal shaving of facial hair. Before you pick up that razor though, here are some easy ways to care for your facial hair as the temperatures rise outside.

Keep your beard clean.

We are much more active when it starts to warm up outside. Running, biking and overall more movement will cause you to sweat and your beard is a place where bacteria can harbor. Swimming in pools and lakes also exposes you to more germs. Keeping your beard clean is a simple thing to do to allow you to rock that beard all year round. You can actually use our Body Wash as a beard shampoo. It’s 100% natural and is formulated to moisturize your skin and hair.

Moisturize your beard.

In addition to the moisturizing perks from our Body Wash, you will want to use a Beard Oil or a Beard Balm daily. Exposure to chlorine from pools and rays from the sun can really wreak havoc on facial hair causing it to be more brittle and itchy. A daily dose of Beard Oil or Beard Balm will help eliminate the itch and prevent beard breakage.

Shave it off.

We get it, a beard in the summer isn’t for everyone! If you choose to go the beard-less route this summer, you will want to make sure you take care of the skin under your beard. Make sure you are keeping your skin happy by using an Aftershave. The witch hazel and calendula in our recipe helps soothe and tone your freshly groomed face. You can even use Beard Oil directly on your skin to help moisturize that newly exposed skin.

Whether you participate in the seasonal shave or not, our goal is to arm you with the best products possible so you can go confidently anywhere your day takes you!