How to Avoid and Remove Natural Deodorant Stains

by American Provenance

The temperatures are heating up which means you might be tempted to swipe your deodorant a few more times. While it might seem like it's your only option to stay smelling fresh this summer, we promise that a swipe or two of American Provenance Natural Deodorant is all you will need! 

American Provenance Natural Deodorant is made with only necessary ingredients, we never add any fillers. Many conventional deodorants have water listed as one of the first few ingredients, which make the formula less concentrated so you will have to use more product. We don't use water or any other type of filler in our deodorant, so our product is much more concentrated meaning a little bit goes a long way! 

If you are new to American Provenance Natural Deodorant or haven't used a more concentrated formula, all you need to do is simply turn the dial to raise the product, do not raise too high, and swipe once or twice per arm. That's it! For best results, use on clean, dry skin. Also, make sure there is no excess deodorant on the skin before getting dressed.

American Provenance Natural Deodorant doesn’t typically leave marks on your shirts, but usually around this time of year we get several emails about staining and how to fix it. Thankfully removing marks from natural deodorant is easy to do, and after talking with our customers it turns out they are just applying a bit too much to stay fresh as it heats up outside.

American Provenance Natural Deodorant is made with a base of coconut oil and shea butter which individually would leave marks if you rubbed them on your shirts. However, with the addition of the other ingredients and only using 1-2 swipes of our per arm, you (and your shirts) should be in the clear!

Now if you find yourself here because you have noticed spots forming in the underarms of your shirts, we have a pretty simple solution: baking soda. Go about washing your shirts in the same way you normally would, but before you close the washing machine door, toss in ¼ cup of baking soda.

If you find that the marks seem heavier, you can always make a baking soda and water mixture and rub that into the shirt and then toss it in the wash like normal.

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