Summer Road Trip Travel Essentials

by AP Orders

Summer vacations are looking a little different this year. With air travel being a last resort, many are looking to take road trips. Road trips done right can be a fun way to connect with family and friends before you even get to your final destination. A small space, with the same people, for a long time can be tricky so we’ve compiled a list of some tips and essential travel products you won’t want to leave behind.


Tips for a Great Road Trip

  • Make sure your car is set to go before you leave: get an oil change, check windshield washer fluid levels, fill up the tank with gas, etc. Nothing can put a damper on a road trip faster than having car problems. Being able to leave and drive for hours before stopping is also great for overall morale.
  • Plan out destinations to stop at on your way to your final destination. While it may be your final destination that excites you most, there are always great tourist spots and hidden gems along the way. Look for National Parks or Forests, waterfalls, museums or hot springs. Yes, this will add time onto your total travel time, but it also will break up the driving, allow you to stretch your legs and see some places you might not otherwise see.
  • Pack a cooler with different types of food and drinks. While it’s relatively easy to stop at a drive thru to grab a bite to eat or something to drink, it also costs more money and will leave you feeling sluggish. Packing your favorite sparkling water and some apples, meat, cheeses and nuts will not only leave you feeling satisfied but it’s also like a charcuterie board on the go, and who doesn’t love one of those?
  • If everyone is of driving age, set a schedule for how long/how far each person should drive. If someone is a morning person, let them drive first thing in the morning. Do the same thing if someone does better driving at night. Making all the drivers feel comfortable is important since too much windshield time can be super exhausting.
  • Poll all passengers for favorite music and podcasts before you go, and make some playlists that everyone will enjoy. Keeping everyone entertained is important to keep the energy high and the moods light. A road trip can go south fast if not everyone is enjoying themselves.
  • Wear comfortable layers. Not everyone handles temperature in the same way. Some people run hot while others run colder, so wearing layers allows for you to have more control over how comfortable you are. Wearing comfortable clothing is also important because you will be sitting for long periods of time and don’t necessarily want to be sitting in your skinniest jeans. Make sure you bring extra clothes that you can switch into because road trips can get a little messy and you can also get a little stinky.

Good personal hygiene during a road trip will make everyone happier. Again, you are spending a lot of time in a small space with multiple people so make sure you are keeping yourself smelling and feeling fresh.

Travel Products You Don’t Want to Leave Behind

  • The most important product we think you should bring on any trip is a Travel Deodorant. It's small enough that it can easily fit into your toiletry bag and it's something to keep you smelling fresh. Natural travel deodorant comes in a variety of scents, so you can pick whichever is your favorite.
  • You will definitely want to take a First Aid Kit with you and have it full of bandages, pain killers, antacids, sunscreen, bug spray and anti-itch cream. You never know when a headache will hit or your stop at a National Park leaves you with some itches., It’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared.
  • Having a Hand Sanitizer or antibacterial wipes is also a great idea. You might not always be able to stop at a restroom to go to the bathroom, or you might not be able to wash your hands after stopping at a tourist site. Having Hand Sanitizer or antibacterial wipes will keep you feeling clean and not worrying about potential germs. American Provenance Hand Sanitizer is a great option and made with 80% Ethyl Alcohol, so it is super effective in killing germs and it can easily pop into a purse or your car’s center console.
  • American Provenance Natural Body Wash is also a great product to travel with because it comes in a small travel size and can also pack easily into your toiletry bag. Not only is the body wash good for washing your body, it is a great hand soap, can be used as a shampoo, and can even be used to wash dishes if you are doing any camping. It’s a super versatile product and one that we highly recommend for any trip you take.
  • Don’t forget about dental care! While we recommend healthy food and drinks, sometimes you find yourself reaching for more caffeinated beverages filled with sugar. Take care of your teeth with easy travel size toothbrushes and toothpaste. Don’t forget the floss! We love toothpaste tabs because they are easy to use, and don’t have excessive packaging. You can easily store them in a pill container if you don’t want to take the whole package.
  • Pillows and blankets are also important to stay comfortable and well rested. They don’t take up too much space and can make catching a few zzz’s easier while on the road. Spending a lot of time in the car can make you feel more exhausted, so you want to make sure you are getting enough sleep so it’s safe when it’s your turn to drive.

We’d love to hear what your travel essentials are, drop us a comment to share!