Fun Fall Activities

by American Provenance

Labor Day weekend is upon us, which is the unofficial start to pumpkin season. As the leaves turn to their golden hues and the temperatures begin to drop, there are many new fun activities to fill your weekends! 

Nothing screams autumn like the return of football! As a company founded by a University Wisconsin alumni, Badger game days are a blast whether you are at the actual game, watching at a bar, or going to a party! Even if football isn’t your thing, it provides a great excuse to get together with friends.

Some other fun fall activities come with the crops that are ready to be picked this time of the year. Head on over to an apple orchard for hours of picking and eating apples! The apple haul you take home will also allow for many more hours of baking all sorts of goodies-- think apple pie, apple sauce, apple cider!

In addition to apple picking, everyone’s favorite fall staple is also ready to be picked--pumpkins! Wheeling a wagon out into the field and looking for the perfect shape, size and color pumpkin is an activity to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Pumpkins activities can also be enjoyed at home once you find the pumpkins.  From decorating for fall, to carving them and baking with them, pumpkin activities can fill many hours. 

The beautiful fall colors at your favorite hiking spot is an experience that you will not want to miss out on. Fall hiking transcends the summer hiking experience by taking you on a completely different sensory journey. The sights of the different colors, the sounds of crunching leaves beneath your feet and the smell of autumn will be for sure be a new favorite activity.

Don’t let fall scare you inside! Embrace the seasonal change and all the recreational activities that autumn brings with it. And, if it help you get excited for fall activities, find your favorite deodorant scent with our natural deodorant multipack. But that's neither here nor there. Enjoy the wonderful fall weather!