3 Ways the Outdoors Can Help Curb Cabin Fever

by American Provenance

We have all made many adjustments over the last few weeks. While we are still working on getting used to our new routines, we are thankful for the outdoors. Here are 3 ways we are using the outdoors to help combat cabin fever.  

  1. Exercise. Whether you take a walk or hop on your bike, getting outside and moving your body is super important right now. Not only does it allow you to step out of your living quarters, but it helps your overall health by getting your heart rate up.
  2. Human Interaction. It is very important to follow social distancing guidelines, but the outdoors have allowed us to connect with others in our community in a new way. Simple interactions like saying ‘hello’ or a wave from across the street, help bring a sense of normalcy to these abnormal times. While we can't meet in person, feel free to say hi to our personal care product team online. 
  3. Mental Resets. Taking some time to step outside and listen to a podcast, read a book, or simply sit by yourself has helped us reset mentally. With access to a constant stream of information, a simple change in scenery and a little fresh air have really helped us clear our minds. A healthy dose of sunshine helps too. 

We would love to hear how you are using the outdoors to help change up your surroundings!

*Please remember to follow your local guidelines for social distancing and be aware of any closings of parks, beaches and other outdoor spaces. 

Thank you to those who are working essential jobs right now, we appreciate everything you are doing!